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Rock Climbing Newport -ENERGI CLIP & CLIMB

At Energi Newport we are proud to offer our visitors a state of the art interactive climbing facility, featuring Wales’ first Clip & Climb equipment.

Alongside the heart stopping Stairway to Heaven we have a range of brightly lit climbing walls stretching up to nearly 8 meters, which provide a real test for climbers of all abilities.   The walls feature challenges, games and timed courses and everything is controlled by the renowned TruBlue belay system which through magnetic current, takes care of the climber’s safety.

Our Clip & Climb sessions run for 60 minutes. 15 minutes is given over to climber briefings, instruction and a safety video, followed by 45 minutes climbing.  Come by our and check out our rock climbing Newport facilities today.

Combo Offers

Clip & climb and jump combo sessions ARE available every hour on the half hour BETWEEN 9:30AM-5:30PM ON WEEKENDS AND PEAK TIMES FOR £14.95 per person!


Our fully trained Energi Crew deliver a full safety briefing and explanation of the equipment used and are present at all times to offer advice and help.

The minimum age for users of our climbing facility is 5 yrs and all climbers must be 1 metre tall. At least one parent must remain within the arena to accompany children using the equipment.


Contact us or view our FAQs for more information on our Newport climbing centre or any of our other activities.

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£14.95 - JUMP COMBO

Fantastic. My 3 year old grandson absolutely loved it. I booked all ahead online quick and easy. Got there and he totally loved it. He has not stopped telling everyone about him bouncing, well worth it.

Liz Urquhart